La Tana del Pirata

Who We Are

The Tana del Pirata is the dream come true of two brothers: Alberto and Mauro Olmi , and their wives Sandra and Sandra, who in 1970 decided to invest in the beauty and potential of the Etruscan Coast, a place of unique and authentic charm cradled between the gentle countryside of Bolgheri and the Tyrrhenian waves. Since then the property has grown along with the Olmi family, to become an exclusive bathing establishment without losing any of its original charm, acquiring a beautiful rooftop terrace, raffia sun umbrellas, comfortable gazebos and becoming one of the most famous restaurants on the Coast, recommended by the most prestigious Gourmand guides.

At the Tana del Pirata , just like the best of pirates, armed with courage, passion and love of challenges, the adventurous hearts of these two guys and their families are still going strong, as they have right from the start. Tranquility, elegance and a touch of wild spirit, along with the force of nature, the wind, the pinewoods that extend almost to the beach, peace and beauty everywhere. Today the Tana del Pirata is also a venue for events, with a salon for cultural debates and private theme parties, a place that is constantly evolving but that continues to have at its heart the unity and warmth of an extraordinary family.
And looking to the future the Tana del Pirata will continue to offer its guests great experiences, but that's another story.....

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